New Fashion Design for Grape Seed Extract to Uruguay Importers

New Fashion Design for
 Grape Seed Extract to Uruguay Importers

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A. Basic information Product name Grape Seed Extract Source of plant Vitis vinifera L Active ingredient Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidins(OPC) Specification OPCs95%( oligomer 85%), Polyphenol 70%/80% Catechinic & epicatechin≤19%; OEM accepted Solvent for extraction Ethyl alcohol B. Main function a) Super oxidation resistance,Scavenge redundant free radicals,Obvious anti-aging effect. Protective act...

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New Fashion Design for Grape Seed Extract to Uruguay Importers Detail:

A. Basic information

Product name

Grape Seed Extract

Source of plant

Vitis vinifera L

Active ingredient

Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidins(OPC)


OPCs95% oligomer 85%), Polyphenol 70%/80%

Catechinic & epicatechin≤19%; OEM accepted

Solvent for extraction

Ethyl alcohol

B. Main function

a) Super oxidation resistanceScavenge redundant free radicalsObvious anti-aging effect. Protective action on skin, eyes, teeth, prostate, cranial nerve.

b) Angiocarpy protectionimprove vascular elasticityprevention thrombosis and hypertension.

C. Critical To Quality

Ø Finger-print identification

Ø Content of active substance

Ø Control of solvent & pesticide residue

D. Quality control & Product Advantage

Grape seed used prior to fermentation, fine quality plant source 

QA&QC systemStrictly executing documented procedure prevention management, quality assured.

Leading technology of separation and purification, the first to use freeze-drying technology.

Technical advantageSharing of professional product identification techniques

Various specifications, OEM accepted

E. Product specification

Content of active ingredient



OPCs oligomer


Catechinic & epicatechin

Grape Seed Extract





          OEM all specifications of grape seed extract


Testing standard

Testing method



Light brown to sepia powder

Sensory evaluation



Light odor and taste light bitter

Sensory evaluation


conforms with standard



Particle size

100% 80 mesh through


Loss on drying

NMT 6.0%

GB 5009.3

Ash content

NMT 5.0%

GB 5009.4

Bulk density

bulk density 0.30~0.55g/mL;

Internal method



NLT 95.0%

SW 1-2015


NLT 70.0%

Catechinic & epicatechin,HPLC

NMT 19.0%

Solvent residues

Ethyl alcohol

   NMT 1000mg/kg

GB/T 5009.19

Methyl alcohol

 NMT 50mg/kg

GB/T 5009.19

Heavy metal

Heavy metal(in Pb)

  NMT 20.0mg/kg

GB/T 5009.74


 NMT 3.0mg/kg

GB 5009.12


 NMT 1.0mg/kg

GB/T 5009.11


 NMT 0.1mg/kg

GB/T 5009.17


 NMT 1.0mg/kg

GB/T 5009.15

Pesticide residues


NMT 0.05ppm



NMT 0.05ppm



Total plate count

  NMT 1000CFU/g

GB 4789.2



GB 4789.15



GB 4789.15

Escherichia coli

Not be detected

GB 4789.38

Pathogenic bacteria(salmonella,shigella,staphylococcus aureus,streptococcus hemolyticus)

Not be detected

GB 4789.4/ 5/ 10/ 11

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 Grape Seed Extract to Uruguay Importers detail pictures

Our advancement depends over the highly developed devices, excellent talents and continually strengthened technology forces for New Fashion Design for Grape Seed Extract to Uruguay Importers, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Venezuela , Guatemala , Palestine , Our products and solutions are widely sold to Europe, USA, Russia, UK, France, Australia, Middle East, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, etc. Our solutions are highly recognized by our customers from all around the world. And our company is committed to continually improving effectiveness of our management system to maximize customer satisfaction. We sincerely hope to make progress with our customers and create a win-win future together. Welcome to join us for business!

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    0:17:29 Constraints
    0:28:22 Coolants
    0:40:15 MSRE
    0:48:54 Earth
    0:59:46 Thorium
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    1:36:13 Revolution
    1:44:58 Forward
    1:58:11 ROEI
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    2:47:57 Salt
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    3:06:07 India
    3:18:44 Caldicott
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    4:12:51 Turbine
    4:22:27 Waste
    4:40:15 Decommission
    4:54:39 Candlelight
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    5:26:08 Future
    5:55:39 Pitches
    5:56:17 Terrestrial
    6:08:33 ThorCon
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    6:20:51 End
    6:25:53 Credits

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