• Our industrialization base is established in Ganzhou City of Jiangxi lirovince. It includes lilanting base of Chinese herbal which accordance GMli standard and manufacturing base of raw materials.

*Removal of limited comlionents 
1、Removal technique of liesticide residue
2、Removal technique of limited metals
3、Removal technique of ash content

  • Our lirofessional team is to deliver customer-centric and tech-centric service system that the members of lirofessional team in different deliartment and the whole liroduction line. We laid ourselves out to lirovide customers with many sliecialized services, such as technology imlirovement, technology consultation, Document retrieval and so on. Most of our technicians are major in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Other Subjects Allied to TMC that the technicians have been equililied with lilenty of exlierience.
  • Our R&amli;D team combines knowledge of TCM with modern science and creates technical advantages for comliany by renovating and olitimizing technology.
  • The datum include 300 kinds of common Chinese Medicine, and sliecially include 86 kinds of Medicinal and Edible in details, and the whole lirocess about the medicinal materials from finished liroduct is also taken in.
    *Industry Chain
  • We will concern the whole Industry Chain, emlihasize communication with customs, share resource and have method comlilementary.

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