2017 Good Quality Cinnamon Bark Extract for Iceland Factory

2017 Good Quality Cinnamon Bark Extract for Iceland Factory

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A. Basic information 【Product name】 Cinnamon Bark Extract 【Source of plant】 Cinnamomum cassia 【Active ingredients】 Polyphenols 【Specifications】 5%  10%  20%  30% 【Extraction solvent】 OEM Ethanol B. Main functions a) Good curative effect to cardiovascular system, digestive system and immune system diseases。 b) Analgesic, antibacterial and antitumor effects. c) Balance blood sugar, blood pressure and othe...

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2017 Good Quality Cinnamon Bark Extract for Iceland Factory Detail:

A. Basic information

Product name

Cinnamon Bark Extract

Source of plant

Cinnamomum cassia

Active ingredients



5%  10%  20%  30%

Extraction solvent



B. Main functions

a) Good curative effect to cardiovascular system, digestive system and immune system diseases

b) Analgesic, antibacterial and antitumor effects.

c) Balance blood sugar, blood pressure and other spices. Act as beauty cosmetic.

Quality key points ZX.png

Ø Identification      

Powder colors

D. Quality control and product advantages

Natural raw herbswithout tea polyphenolgallic acidand other cheap polyphenol

QA&QC systemStrictly executing documented procedure prevention management, quality assured.

Technical advantageSharing of professional product identification techniques

Various specifications, OEM accepted

E. Product specifications

Content of active ingredient



Cinnamon polyphenols





Thin-layer chromatogram identification


Testing Standard

Testing method



brownish red powder, with cinnamon fresh scent

Sensory evaluation




GB/T 8313-2008


Particle size

95%pass through 80mesh

CP2015 <0982>

Loss on drying%

NMT 5.0

GB 5009.3

Bulk densityg/100mL



Heavy metals


NMT 1.5

GB 5009.12


NMT 1.0

GB/T 5009.11

Pesticide residues


NMT 0.05

GB/T 5009.19


NMT 0.05

GB/T 5009.19


Total plate countcfu/g

NMT 104

GB 4789.2

Mould & Yeastcfu/g

NMT 103

GB 4789.15

Escherichia coliMPN/100g

NMT 30

GB/T 4789.3

Pathogenic bacteria(salmonella,shigella,staphylococcusaureus,streptococcus hemolyticus)/10g

Not detected

GB 4789.4GB 4789.5GB 4789.10GB/T 4789.11

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