Factory Outlets Epimedium extract for United Kingdom Importers

Factory Outlets Epimedium extract for United Kingdom Importers

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A. Basic Information 【Product name】 Epimedium extract 【Source of plant】 Epimedium Brevicornum maxim 【Active ingredients】 Icariin 【Specifications】 10%;OEM 【Extraction solvent】 Ethanol B. Main functions a) Enhance and maintain a normal adrenal function and immune function。 b) Postpone the aging process and prevent the aging diseases。 c) Inhibits of platelet aggregation and inhibits thrombosis; and promote the differentiatio...

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Factory Outlets Epimedium extract for United Kingdom Importers Detail:

Basic Information

Product name

Epimedium extract

Source of plant

Epimedium Brevicornum maxim

Active ingredients




Extraction solvent


B. Main functions

a) Enhance and maintain a normal adrenal function and immune function

b) Postpone the aging process and prevent the aging diseases

c) Inhibits of platelet aggregation and inhibits thrombosis; and promote the differentiation of blood cells, promote the hematopoietic function

d) Promote synthesis of bone marrow cells DNA. Have good effect to strengthen bone, prevent and treat osteoporosis

C. QW.pngQuality key points    

Ø Raw material control

Ø Residual solvents

D. Quality control and product advantages

Organic raw herbs

Pesticide residues confirms to international standards

QA&QC systemStrictly executing documented procedure prevention management, quality assured.

Technical advantageSharing of professional product identification techniques

Various specifications, OEM accepted

E. Product specification

Active Ingredient Content

Icariin 10%


Testing Standard

Testing method



Brownish yellow to Brown fine powder , No visible impurities with special smell

Sensory evaluation



Should meet the requirements







Loss on drying%

NMT 5.0

GB 5009.3

Total heavy metalmg/kg

NMT 20



NMT 5.0

GB 5009.4

Heavy metals


NMT 1.0

GB/T 5009.11


NMT 1.0

GB 5009.12


NMT 0.3

GB/T 5009.17

Pesticide residues

666 , mg/kg

NMT 0.1

GB/T 5009.19

DDT, mg/kg

NMT 0.1

GB/T 5009.19


Total aerobic bacteriacfu/g

NMT 500

GB 4789.2

Mould & Yeastcfu/g

NMT 20

GB 4789.15



GB 4789.5

Streptococcus hemolyticus


GB 4789.11



GB 4789.4

Escherichia coli, MPN/g


GB 4789.3

Staphylococcus aureus, /10g


GB 4789.10

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