New Arrival China White Peony Extract Export to Chile

New Arrival China White Peony Extract Export to Chile

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  • In Korea, this dish is called by the name samgyetang.
    This dish is the people here are very favored by the use of energy tonic and nutritious.
    Especially on summer days, ginseng chicken main dish frequency helps create a feeling of appetite, increase your energy is good for health, especially for those who are sick. The basic materials for this dish its flavor ginseng should bring a very unique personalities.
    Since this is a foreign cuisine when eating should certainly know and you will not find it difficult to eat.
    Because of this, cookery forum will guide you through a simple recipe variations that may be appropriate taste and easy to eat for most Vietnamese.

    1 Cock silk about 800 grams
    1 big chestnut fruit
    1 ginseng
    Ginkgo seeds: 3 seeds
    Chinese apple
    Raw materials used for water

    1 stalk small ginger, 1 little radish, licorice, imperial period, garlic, spring onion, salt, pepper …
    Step 1

    Chicken cleaned by moi and clean peel fat, salt damage to the chicken and rinse it clean, drained
    Specials glutinous rice and soak for 2 hours, add a few grains of salt.
    Ginseng, rice, jujube, chestnuts, ginkgo stuffed into the cavity of the chicken. The hands you remember stuffing ingredients to avoid crashing out offline.
    Sam-ga tan products

    Step 2

    Water, ginger, licorice, beet, royal period into a mesh bag and place in a pot and boil for 30 minutes spent.
    Garlic is released directly into the water always and without fish out. If you have had chicken pot to the best frequency.
    ga ga tan tan Sam-sam lam cach

    Step 3

    When the water was boiling, use tongs and gently the chicken to the pot. Stewed chicken over high heat for about 50 minutes and then slowly cooked down the heat and simmer for an additional 10-15 minutes for soft chicken completely.
    step 4

    After the tunnel is complete, scoop out a large bowl of chicken, so chicken hearted side facing up. Sprinkle scallions and chan little broth and served with salt and pepper offline.
    Sam-ga tan tan Tutorials mon sam ga

    Such as ginseng chicken our frequency has been completed already. With the sweetness of the chicken, the cool bar and the aroma of ginseng ingredients help to become a delicious dish more appealing very much.
    You can use an aperitif or during a meal are all offline.
    Through this forum post: cooking lessons introduced above, I hope that with this formula you would have done manually funding a foreign dish to bring the whole family moves were definitely people will be surprised at the level of your cooking there.
    Wish you successful application.

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