Ordinary Discount Maca Extract for Jordan Manufacturer

Ordinary Discount Maca Extract for Jordan Manufacturer

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A. Basic Product Information 【 Product Name 】 Maca extract 【 English Name 】 Maca extract 【 Plant Sources 】 Cruciferous Lepidium plant 【Effective Components】 Glucosinolate /Total amino acid/Protein 【 Specification 】 Crude protein≥10%,Total amino acid≥4% Glucosinolate ≥1.5%;Customized supported 【 Extract Solvents 】 Water B. Main Function a) Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, enhance vitali...

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Ordinary Discount Maca Extract for Jordan Manufacturer Detail:

A. Basic Product Information

 Product Name

Maca extract

 English Name

Maca extract

 Plant Sources

Cruciferous Lepidium plant

Effective Components

Glucosinolate /Total amino acid/Protein


Crude protein≥10%Total amino acid≥4%

Glucosinolate ≥1.5%Customized supported

 Extract Solvents


B. Main Function

a) Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, enhance vitality, improve sleep quality

b) Activate the bodily functions, improve fertility; Strong immune system, improve the sub-health state;

c) Regulate the endocrine system, balance hormones, helps to fight against female menopausal syndrome.

C. MC.png
Critical To Quality

Ø Raw material origin control

Ø Total amino acid

Ø Glucosinolate

D. Quality Control & Product Advantage

High quality raw material;                    

Quality assurance and control system: Prevention management by executing documented procedures strictly aims to guarantee the quality.

Technological advantageShare Professional product identification technical information;

Whole process low-temperature production technology.

E. Specification

Effective components content 

Maca extract

Specification 1

Specification 2

Crode protein



Total amino acid



Benzyl glucosinolate





Test Method

Sensory Index


White powder.Tastes bitter, sour and astringent

Sense organ



Comply with the standard



Comply with the standard



Crude protein


GB/T 5009.5

Total amino acid


GB/T 5009.124


Loss on drying%

NMT 5.0


Residue on ignition%

NMT 5.0


Heavy metals

Copper (Cu)

≤20.0 ppm


Lead (Pb)

≤3.0 ppm


Cadmium (Cd)

≤0.3 ppm


Mercury (Hg)

≤0.2 ppm


Arsenic (Pb)

≤2.0 ppm


Solvent residue







Microbiological index

Total aerobic bacteria, cfu / g

NMT 1000


Mold & yeast, cfu / g

NMT 100


Escherichia coli, / 10g



Salmonella, / 10g



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