Wholesale Price China Black Ginseng Extract for Chile Factory

Wholesale Price China Black Ginseng Extract  for Chile Factory

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A. Basic Product Information 【Product Name】 Black Ginseng Extract 【English Name】 Black Ginseng Extract 【Plant Sources】 Dry roots of Panax ginseng CAMey 【Effective Components】 Ginseng polysaccharides,Rare ginsenosides 【Specification】 Ginseng polysaccharides/Rare ginsenosides (30% / 1~2%) 【Extract solvent】 Water、Ethanol B. Main function a) Ginseng polysaccharides:Improve human immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor etc; b)&...

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Wholesale Price China Black Ginseng Extract for Chile Factory Detail:

A. Basic Product Information

Product Name

Black Ginseng Extract

English Name

Black Ginseng Extract

Plant Sources

Dry roots of Panax ginseng CAMey

Effective Components

Ginseng polysaccharides,Rare ginsenosides


Ginseng polysaccharides/Rare ginsenosides 30% / 1~2%

Extract solvent


B. Main function

a) Ginseng polysaccharidesImprove human immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor etc;

b) Rare ginsenosidesAnti-tumor, puzzle, anti-cerebral ischemia, immune regulation, improve the weak constitution ;

c) Fermentation reduces ginseng dryness , easier to absorb.

C. Critical to quality

Ø Fingerprint identification

Ø Content determination

Ø Control of heavy metals and pesticide residue

D. Quality Control & Product Advantage

High quality Panax Ginseng

Quality assurance and control system: Prevention management by executing documented procedures strictly aims to guarantee the quality.

 Technology AdvantagesShare Professional product identification technical information;

Unique fermentation& extraction technology, remove pesticide residues maximumly;

Varied specifications, Product customization are acceptable.

E. Specification

Effective components content 

Product name

Ginseng polysaccharides

Rare ginsenosides


Pesticide residues

Black Ginseng Extract




Provide with non-pesticide residues products

Provide water-soluble black ginseng extract. Customized supported.



Test method



Brown to dark brown powder

Sense organ


With Ginseng’s natural smell and taste



Characteristic spectrum meets the requirements



NMT 5.0%

GB 5009.3


NLT 90% pass 80mesh

ChP2015 <0982>


NMT 5.0%

GB 5009.4

Rare ginsenosides


Calculated on dry product



Polysaccharide%Calculated on glucose

Calculated on dry product

NLT 20.0%


Heavy metals

Lead (Pb)

NMT 0.5mg/kg

GB 5009.12

Total arsenic (As)

NMT 1.0mg/kg

GB/T 5009.11

Total mercury (Hg)

NMT 0.3mg/kg

GB/T 5009.17

Cadmium (Cd)

NMT 0.3mg/kg

GB/T 5009.15

Solvent residue


NMT 1000mg/kg

GB/T 5009.19


NMT 50mg/kg

GB/T 5009.19

Pesticide residue


Comply with the standard

European standard


Total colonies

NMT 1000CFU/g

GB 4789.2



GB 4789.15



GB 4789.15

Escherichia coli

Should be negative

GB 4789.38

Pathogens (Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus)

Should be negative

GB 4789.4/ 5/ 10/ 11

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